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Caragabal Bird Art


This beautiful artwork is located on the Mid-Western Highway in the middle of Caragabal.  It aims to celebrate the unique local bird life at Caragabal and raise awareness of local threatened species. 


Our birds were launched into flight in December 2020, with an extension added in 2022, and are a real source of pride for our village. This project came at a time when the Caragabal village streetscape was starting to look derelict, much to the despair of the passionate and driven community.  The beautiful and colourful birds reflect Caragabal's spirit perfectly, as does the drive and passion that was shown by those who made the project happen.  

This wonderful, collaborative effort has resulted in an inspiring and meaningful flock in a location like no other!  It involved many individuals and organisations, with the main drivers being passionate Landcare local Melanie Cooper, Cr. Phillip Diprose and the students and teachers at our wonderful Caragabal primary school. 

The students researched the local bird species and then voted on which birds should be included on the artwork, based on ‘pitch’ presentations given by the students to their classmates.  They were very engaged in this project, with some even begging to work on “their birds” during lunchtime!

The artwork was designed by Eggpicnic, a Canberra based design studio operated by Camila De Gregorio and Christopher Macaluso, which is devoted to wildlife conservation.


Why not visit and get a photo with our beautiful birds!


You can read more details about the birds themselves and the project at

 or you can download the brochure here.

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