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Saturday 14th Sep 2024

About the races
Each year in September the Caragabal Country Club hosts the Sheep Races.  This is a fantastic event for the community and visitors with seven races and the chance to bid for and own your own sheep for a race. Here is some of what is on offer:
  • There are great prizes for the winners of each race (see how to get involved below)

  • Music from 6pm  

  • There is a bar area (no BYO allowed)

  • The infamous lolly-drop from a plane 

  • Kids chasing the sheep down the track

  • BBQ and canteen

  • Free camping on our beautiful golf course


FUN in the Field.png
Fun for Everyone!

The 2023 sheep races had a new fun addition - the Fun in Field competition!


Watch this space to see if it makes a return in 2024!


- Best Group Get-Up

- Best Individual Get-Up

- Best Kid Get-Up

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If you would like to hire a marquee for the event, these can be hired out. To hire a marquee contact Karen on 0400809166. Drinks packages can also be arranged.

Admission:  Gates open at 11.30am


Adult  -  $10              School Aged Child  -  $5          Under 5  -  Free

Fun for the kids

The sheep races are a fantastic day for the kids. With lots of open space to run around, a lolly drop from a plane and of course chasing the sheep down the race track, you can be assured they will have a great time. 

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Where we are

Caragabal is a small village located on the mid western highway between Grenfell and West Wyalong in NSW.  The races are hosted at the Caragabal Country Club which is located 2km west of the village.     Directions:

Camping Overnight

Everyone is welcome to camp overnight on the Friday/Saturday/Sunday night of the sheep races on our beautiful and spacious golf course.  The porta-loos will be available for campers on all nights.  Here are some tips for those thinking about camping:

- The Caragabal Pub will be open on Friday night for beverages and a meal - call ahead to book in 02 6347 5336

- You will need your own water and there is no electricity available. 

- Campfires are permitted. 

- No pets unless they can be secured in your campsite for the duration (we don't want to spook the sheep!)

- There is plenty of space, so camp away from others and be courteous to other campers. 

- This is a family event, not a B&S... so please act accordingly. 


How to get involved on the day:

Buy a sweep ticket

For only $2 you can have your own part of the action.  Here’s how it works:

1. In the time leading up to a race, buy a $2 sweep ticket from our roving sellers.

2. Just before the race, if your name is drawn out you become the Sweep Owner of a sheep.

3. If your sheep comes 1st or 2nd you get the same prize money as the real sheep owner!  ($50 for 1st and $30 for 2nd)

4. You don’t get to keep your sheep for the final, BUT, you can buy sweep tickets for the final (still for $2), which will give you a chance to win $500 prize money!!!!!!



Buy a Sheep in the Auctions

Before each race we will auction off all of the sheep.  If you purchase a sheep it becomes yours for that race AND THE FINAL (if it makes it).  This means that by purchasing a sheep you have the chance to win $500 prize money in the final and $50 in its race.

Please Note: You don’t get to keep the sheep.

What to Bring

There are a few things to bring along that will make your day even more enjoyable:

- Sunscreen

- Hat

- Sunglasses

- Portable shade such as an umbrella

- Chairs or a picnic rug

- Cash, although EFTPOS will be available


BYO alcohol is strictly prohibited.  Food and drinks are available throughout the day at the canteen, BBQ, Bar and coffee van.


If you would like the sponsor the 2024 Sheep Races contact Karen Pollock on 0400809166. 

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